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19 May 2021

28 May 2021 – h. 9 pm

Dear friends,

we are thrilled to inform you that the concert in memory of Mº Ezio Bosso, one year after his early death, will be here soon. For various reasons, it will be a concert with a strong emotional impact. Ezio Bosso’s extraordinary compositions will be performed by great friends and admirers who, despite living in different cities (Lugano, Milan, Campobasso, Turin, Rome) and far from each other, will meet in Rome for the occasion. Ezio Bosso loved the eternal city. On 20 June 2019 he was given honorary citizenship by Mayor Virginia Raggi for his prestigious national and international awards, for his didactic and social commitment at popularizing Music for any audience, also by performing open rehearsals and lessons. Some musicians of the said concert will rejoin after 27 years just to remember Ezio Bosso. These musicians, who have worked professionally together on various occasions, will meet again to work on this event.

Due to the great demand it will be broadcast online in streaming mode on May 28th at 9.00 pm.