The “Sound” of Lutherie

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11 January 2016

12 February 2016

Event date: 12 February 2016 – 6.00 pm

“Let’s go back to the old and it will be a success …”[Giuseppe Verdi]

The fascinating world of violin making illustrated by one of the world’s leading experts, Eric Blot, in an exchange of words and music.

The violinist “calls” each note before giving it shape.

That note is like an Inner Sound that the violinist perceives within himself.
That Sound, in order to be perfect and spherical, must be in tune, soft, rich in harmonics and precisely round.

The beautiful sound is like the timbre of a singer’s voice and is a goal that is reached through a daily, delicate, humble and endless work.

The choice of the strings, the type of bow, the selected hairs and the fine tuning of the instrument help the violinist in the search for a beautiful sound, until he reaches the famous “cavata” that characterizes and makes every violinist unique.

The figure of the Luthier plays an important role in this endless research journey.