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The happiness of D’Amico is immediately noticeable: he makes music because it fills his life. He plays with an enthusiasm and spontaneity that could be described as divine gifts – and they are – but also with a knowledge that shows a full, confident assimilation, which is not doctrinal but rather the third wing of his Hippogriff. A born performer, he is made for the stage: he has everything needed for an international career. M° Angelo Gilardino (Suonare News, Sei Corde, February 2022)

Nino D’Amico – Golden Guitar 2021 as the revelation of the year – embarks on the study of classical guitar under the guidance of M° Marco Caiazza, and later enrolls in the first-level degree course at the San Pietro a Majella conservatory of music in Naples. Meanwhile, he attends guitar seminars organized by the Civic School of Castellaneta, with Maestros Frédéric Zigante and Antonio Rigolo. Having obtained the First-Level Academic Diploma with honors in 2019, he awaits a guitar specialization course – winning a scholarship as the best student – at the Stefano Strata Academy in Pisa, led by M° Aniello Desiderio, who also guides him to the completion of the Second-Level degree in Guitar at the Domenico Cimarosa conservatory of music in Avellino in 2022 (110 with honors and mention). In 2023, he completes the Annual Master’s Degree in Advanced Interpretation of Classical Guitar at the Domenico Cimarosa Conservatory of Music in Avellino, achieving the highest marks, honors, mention, and a scholarship, including concerts, recording, and an interview as the best student of the Master, under the guidance of M° Lucio Matarazzo. He is appointed as EuroStrings Artist for the academic year 2019/2020 and participates in various masterclasses with Maestros C. Marchione, T. Hoppstock, P. Pegoraro, Z. Dukić, G. Bandini, A. Montesinos, J. Perroy, etc. Nino is also the winner of more than forty international and European guitar competitions, including those in Uppsala, Pleven, Plovdiv, Peja, Romania, China, Hungary, Germany, and many others in Italy.

In 2021, in addition to winning the final Honor Competition of the StrataMaster, he also releases his first CD, entirely dedicated to the composer and musician Agustín Barrios Mangoré – Agustín Barrios Works – in collaboration with the DotGuitat/CD record label and Maestros Aniello Desiderio, Lucio Matarazzo, and Mauro Tamburrini (Dot Guitar/CD, “The LM project” series by Lucio Matarazzo). Currently, he collaborates with various Italian Cultural Institutes abroad and is on an international festival tour as an artist, conducting masterclasses and serving as a judge in renowned international competitions.

In 2022, Nino is honored with the prestigious title of D’Addario Artist.